Get Your Banner Ad code in COOFANDY Affiliate Program

Invite others to place orders at COOFANDY, I can make 15% commission from each order placed by clicking through my banner Ad.

1. Select your banner size, then click the image.
2. Get code and copy code to your site.

Important Notice

Through your referral link or banner Ad, customers could select any product on our website without page limited.

Placing order by yourself through your own referral link or banner Ad could not get commission.


ShareAsale is a third-party platform, you can sign in the ShareAsale, and then search COOFANDY for getting link, promote the link to make 15% commission from every order placed through clicking your custom link.

How to join?

Step1: Register and login at, it will take you few hours to approve your application.

Step2: Search Merchant COOFANDY, apply COOFANDY affiliate program.

We will review your site and respond to your application in the next 1-2 business days.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us.

Step3: After approved, click to get links.

Step4: Every order placed through your custom link, 15% commission of the order will send to your shareAsale account.


How to create shareAsale custom link:

a. Select CUSTOM LINK option.
b. Enter the COOFANDYpage link you want.

c. Create link and get short link.