Coofandy Loyalty & Rewards Program

1.About Coofandy Points Reward

Coofandy cherishes the encounter with every customer, so we have set up the Coofandy Point Reward System to give back to our users and thank every customer for their participation.

2.How could you earn C Points?

You can earn your C Points through four ways: ordering, registration, birthday bonus and sharing on social media. The details are as follows:
1. When you spend 1 US dollar, you will get 1 C point, excluding taxes, shipping or any other fees.
2. 100 C Points for registering on the website.
3. You will receive 200 C Points on your birthday. (Customers must enter their birthday at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded)
4. 50 C Points can be earned by sharing the website on your social media. (Facebook and Twitter)

3.How could you use your C Points?

Redeem 100 C Points for 5 US dollar. C Points are used in units of 1 US dollar and the fractional part is not counted. The C Points awarded are sent to the user when the order status is complete.

4.Give $10, Get $10

Give your friends $10 off on their first order and get $10 for each successful referral.